2024 June 28.

Szalay Gábor – Guitar
Horváth Albert – Organ
Bágyi Balázs – Drums

admission: donation // start: 19:00

Most of the trio’s program, founded in 2023, consists of their own compositions and the compositions of the excellent jazz composer and pianist Theonius Monk. The joint playing of organ and guitar is not new in jazz music, this fact is also proven by countless recordings of jazz guitarists with organ.
In addition to the fact that they can complement each other in terms of sound, it also has a practical role, as the organist’s left hand replaces the double bass, while he can also play harmonies with his right hand in the accompaniment. When the organist improvises, the guitar takes over the accompaniment.
Among other things, this playing together makes the trio’s music special.

Listen to this appetizer:
Szalay Gábor “Half” Monk Trio   (YouTube)

This concert is supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.

The Jazz concerts on the Posticum terrace are with free entrance – Instead, we suggest our guests to make a donation of 25 RON to support the social, cultural and educational projects of the association Posticum  Romania.

See you soon!!


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