September 30. – 3pm // FACE TO FACE – »Where to, Noah, for humanity?«

Saturday September 30., 3pm

„Where to, Noa, for humanity?“

Who are we? Do we have a responsibility in this uncertain time? Like Noah, Posticum is looking for possible answers.
Brainstorming for the asociation Posticum.

„Wohin, Noa, für die Menschheit?“
Wer sind wir? Welche sind unsere Aufgaben in diesen turbulenten Zeiten? Posticum sucht – genau wie die Arche Noah – mögliche Antworten.
Diskussionsrunde, Ideenbörse für das Posticum.

„Merre, Noé, az emberiségért?“
Kik vagyuk? Van-e felelősségünk ebben a bizonytalan időben? Noéhoz hasonlóan a Posticum is keresi a lehetséges válaszokat.
beszélgetés, ötletbörze a Posticumban/ért.

„In ce directie acum, Noa, pentru omenire?
Cine suntem noi? Avem o responsabilitate în această perioadă incertă? La fel ca Noe, Posticum caută posibile răspunsuri.
Discutie, brainstorming pentru Posticum.

September 24. – 7pm // Platon Karataev duo

Platon Karataev duo

Named after a Leo Tolstoy character, was formed in 2016. With their music, the Hungarian indie quartet wanders around the core of existence, seeking answers through paradoxes, contemplating on questions by observing elements on an atomic level or viewing them from an astronomical perspective. After For Her’s (2017) instant success the band gradually moved away from their acoustic sound to a more broader one. Atoms (2020), with a heavier instrumentation, focuses on speaking about the most universal but on the most personal level with catharsis being a key element of the album.

This time, the songs will be performed as a duo, with songs from the new album alongside previous compositions, and a glimpse of the fourth album in the making.

start: 19:00 // free entry!!

register HERE!