Grencso PORT & Lewis JORDAN

June 18.
Grencsó Port & Lewis JORDAN

Lewis Jordan – a.sax. poetry
Grencsó István – wind instruments
Benkő Róbert – Bass
Miklós Szilveszter – Drums

free entry // start: 19:00

“As a worldwide performing and recording musician, poet, actor and playwright – writes Lewis Jordan – I play to build bridges. I have always been interested in the various creative structures of improvisation, and accordingly I have worked with creators of countless art forms, including dancers, poets, actors and musicians.”

Listen to this appetizer:
Grencsó with Lewis Jordan   (YouTube)

See you soon!!

17-18. of March – Oradea JAZZ Weekend@Posticum


  • Friday 17th March:
    • 19:00: BALÁZS ELEMÉR Group
  • Saturday 18th of March:
    • 18:00: Guitar Duo Oradea – Bandi Balogh & Oliver Bader
    • 19:00: EAST Gipsy BAND 

EN: This is a charity concert for EGALITAS Restaurant Project // RO: concert de caritate // HU: jótékonysági koncert:  



TICKETS are in a limited edition, PRESALE ONLY:

  • at Posticum reception (09:00 – 20:00 / 0744504051) 
  • at Lokal Pub (daily from 16:00PM) /    

BILETE (în număr limitat) se pot achiziționa DOAR IN AVANS la:

  • recepția Posticum (09:00 – 20:00 / 0744504051)
  • Lokal Pub (zilnic de la orele 16:00) /  

JEGYEK korlátozott számban, CSAK ELŐVÉTELBEN találhatóak:

  • a Posticum recepcióján (09:00 – 20:00 / 0744504051)
  • a Lokal-ban, naponta 16:00 órától /  


  • 50 RON / adult
  • 20 RON / student


  • 50 RON / adult
  • 20 RON / student

Let the Jazz begin!

2023. February 24th, 7pm.: Fehér Fábió Trio

Friday February 24th, 7pm

Fehér Fábió Trio

Feher Fabio (guitar), Tamás Fazekas (drums), Tamás Berki (bass guitar)

Recognized among the Hungarian Jazz-scene in competition and having performed at numerous events, the Fehér Fábió Trio will be sure to impress and dazzle with their wide variety of musical styles!

Come join us again at Posticum`s Jazzland for an evening of good people and quality music.

Free entry, donations welcome!

2023. February 3rd, 7pm.: Winterlude Jazz Series

Friday February 3rd, 7pm

David Lamm & Zsolt Bende DUOFriday, February 3rd, 7PM

Join us for an intimate evening of music and warmth with renowned Jazz musicians David Lamm and Zsolt Bende!
Both are leading figures of the vibrant Eastern-European Jazz-scene, having performed and recorded with many prominent figures around the world.
Guests can expect well known Jazz-standards in a re-imagined Jazzland, in the songful soul of Oradea!
Free entry, donations welcome!

16. of December 2022., 19:00 / JAZZ CONCERT – Hajdú Klára duo

Advent and christmas on the border of jazz and pop

Klára Hajdu and Milán Szakonyi are quite well known and sought after musicians of both jazz and pop scene in Hungary. 

Klára is a prominent figure in Hungarian jazz life. On the Hungarian jazz portals, and, she was chosen as “Singer of the Year” again in 2021. She performed in a lot of European cities and in the USA too. She sang for almost a decade long with one of the most popular local jazz band, the Elemér Balázs Group, and now she is leading her own quartet for 14 years. 

Milán is one of the most special voice of Hungary. He is the current singer of the Elemér Balázs Group for 10 years. He is guitarist, arranger, composer in the band of Boggie and he works with the pianist Aron Romhanyi too.

Klara and Milan’s first original composition, “You’re Gonna Rise” was elected into the top 30 hits of A Dal2019, the Hungarian selections of Eurovision Song Contest. Both of them are keen on wandering between music genres. 

This concert will be featuring some of their own compositions as well as their favourite well known jazz and pop songs and Christmas classics.

Klara Hajdu – vocal 

Milan Szakonyi – vocal, guitar

Free entry

27. October 2022., 19.00/ JAZZ CONCERT

Posticum’s JazzLand was chosen by the Budapest Jazzclub to present two excellent, young jazz bands to the public of Oradea!
We will be glad to welcome the:

Gyémánt Bálint Trio
Gyémánt Bálint 
is one of the best known jazz guitarist of the new generation in Budapest, accompanied by other young musicians.
Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Michel Petrucciani and Keith Jarrett have a great impact on his music.
The main guiding line and the team’s co-working principles are freedom, experimentation, and searching for brand new ways, different opportunities. This is their jazz “ars poetica”!

Gyémánt Bálint- guitar
Bartók Vince – bass guitar
Szabó Dániel Ferenc – percussion

Nagy Babos Rebeka Quartet
Rebeka is a singer from Transylvania. She started her studies in advertising graphics, but years ago, due to a special experience at the Jazz and Improvisational Music Camp at Sepsiszentgyörgy,  she decided to leave her profession and start a career az a jazz singer. She uses inspirations from jazz, folk and electronic music as well. In 2020, the questtet won the Müpa Jazz Showcase best band award, voted by a prestigious international jury.
Their show includes standards, creatively coloured by improvisations, and own ideas, creating an intimate atmosphere.

Nagy-Babos Rebeka – voice
Cseh Péter – guitar
Miskolczi Márk – double bass
Klausz Ádám – percussion


Budapest Jazzklub, î
n colaborare cu Posticum JazzLand vă prezintă două trupe excelente de jazz într-o seară:

Gyémánt Bálint Trio – accent pe chitară
Bartók Vince – bass guitar
Szabó Dániel Ferenc – percussion

Nagy Babos Rebeka Quartet – o voce fermecătoare, acompaniat de:

Cseh Péter – guitar
Miskolczi Márk – double bass

Klausz Ádám – percussion


A Budapest Jazzklub  a Posticum Jazzlandjét választotta, hogy
 bemutasson két kitűnő fiatalokból álló formációt a nagyváradi jazz rajongóinak:

Gyémánt Bálint Trio
Gyémánt Bálint- gitár
Bartók Vince – basszus gitár
Szabó Dániel Ferenc – dob

Nagy Babos Rebeka Quartet

Nagy-Babos Rebeka – ének
Cseh Péter – gitár
Miskolczi Márk – bőgő
Klausz Ádám – dob


27. September 2022., 19.00/ JAZZ CONCERT

Gyárfás-Bota Quartet (Budapest/ Timișoara)


The Gyárfás-Bota Quartet is an extraordinary quartet consisting of two father-son duos.

István Gyárfás is one of the most famous guitarists of the Hungarian jazz scene and his son Attila Gyárfás is a drummer.

Johnny Bota bass player is an outstanding personality of the Timișoara jazz scene as well and his son Sasha Bota is a violonist.

On their way to the Hungarian Jazz Days in Bucharest the artists stop at Posticum- to present the friends and fans of Jazzland with a memorable jazz concert.

We welcome all the fans of jazz music!

Free entry

2022. szeptember 18, vasárnap, 20 óra – JaMese Koncert

JaMese  – az angol-magyar mozaikszó egy zenekar neve:
*Jam – szabadság, kreativitás;
*Mese – történetek, gondolatok átadása;
*Emese – az énekesnő Molnár Emese személye az, aki mindezt összefoglalja. Elementáris történetmesélés, néhol folkos, néhol jazzes zenei foszlányokkal, költészetbe hajló dalszövegekkel.

A JaMese zenekar projekjei között több közös alkotás található például Szabó T. Anna verseire hangolva, Lackfi Jánossal közösen írt szövegekre támaszkodva, illetve Palya Bea és Ferenczi György különleges közreműködésével, és nem csak…

RO: Concert JAZZ, cu accent pe poeme maghiare contemporane, texte expresive, improvizații 

EN: Jazz concert, lyrics based on contemporary Hungarian poems,