March 08. – 8pm // JAZZWEEKEND – MAGYAR BORI Sextett


March 08., 8pm, Jazzland:



Bori Magyar – vocals
Zoltán Mizsei – keyboards, electronics, vocals
Dániel Kardos – guitar
Béla Ágoston – winds
Ábel Dénes – double bass
László Farkas Keönch – percussion, drums, vocals

“How is it in this wide world to discover unknown feelings and sounds in the familiar, the familiar in the unknown. To spin with the earth, to travel on the flow, to meet unexpected homeliness in places not yet visited. We have embarked on an adventurous journey together in this wide world, and we are still at the beginning, we are looking forward to continuing!” (Bori Magyar)

Bori Magyar has been an active singer in Hungarian ethno and world music since 2007. As an imprint of her musical inspirations over the past ten years, she produced her first solo album, which she will present at Opus too. She invited the instrumental contributors to the album, who are also the dominant representatives of Hungarian world music, from her current and former fellow musicians. Based on her own ideas, the singer commissioned Zoltán Mizsei and Dániel Kardos to arrange the music of the album, which draws mainly from the traditional music sources of Hungarian and other nationalities.

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Admission:  free  || Tombola during brake