We learn breathing exercises that free both our body and mind.


The exercises are based on the therapeutic breathing techniques of Berlin-based doctor and therapist Uwe Albrecht.

 “Our whole being breathes. Not only our lungs, but also our heart, skull, organs, energy field, and soul…. The therapeutic breathing is a possible way to harmonize ourselves. It’s simple, fast and effective.” (Uwe Albrecht: Heilatem, Schirner Verlag, 2012)


Apply at innerwise instructor Andrea Molnár by: email, phone

RO: Zilele respirației terapeutice e o invitatie sa va conectati mai profund cu propriul corp. Exercitiile sunt de mobilizare, de focus si echilibru, de respiratie pentru o deschidere mai intensa si un calm mai profund. Detalii…

HU: Gyógylélegzést sajátítunk el, amelyek felszabadítják testünket és elménket egyaránt. Ez egy egyszerű út, gyors és hatékony, segít önmagunkat harmonizálni. Részletek


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