11. July 11 - 14. July 2019

Instructor: Dr. Saju George Moolamthuruthil
Dr. Saju George Moolamthuruthil SJ was born in 1965 in Kerala, South India. His theological and philosophical studies were accompanied by his professional education in the field of classical Indian dance. In 2003 he wrote his doctoral thesis on the theological foundations of Indian temple dance. The participants of his courses and lectures consist of people of different religions. This course gives an insight into the theory and practice of yoga. It is especially suitable for beginners. Participants will learn the basic practices of Hindu yoga, yoga poses and breathing exercises. Prerequisites: Physical and spiritual health, openness to Eastern philosophy and readiness to endure even times of silence and reflection. The course starts on June 11th at 10 am and ends on July 14th at 8 pm with a dance prayer.
(Presentation and performance of the sacred dance). The course fees will support as donations the projects of Saju George in India (dance workshop, school, hospital, youth center).
Registration in advance is required! Please contact info@posticum.ro or 0040 744 504 051 to book!
Please, bring yoga mat with you!
Course price: 50 EURO.
The accommodation can be booked at the Posticum reception: 25 Euro / night; meal price (for the whole period): 60 EURO.
Recommended movies about the trainer:
photo: http://missioforlife.de/blog/stretching-the-body-stretching-the-soul/

14. July 2019, 8:00 pm

Dance Prayer
Saju George SJ is a master and doctor of traditional Indian sacred dance (bharatanatyam).
As a dynamic and unique dancer, Saju George SJ believes in the power of art, dance and music. Father Saju personally encounters different religions and cultures. He believes that there are divine energies to be found in the depths of the dance, and the language of dance is equal to that of contemplation or prayer.
Participation is free. We accept donations to support the Indian dance workshop of Saju in India.
You are cordially invited!
Recommended films and articles about Saju George:
https://youtu.be/hPtF3c-q6EA (Doc, English, 26 minutes)
https://youtu.be/7cz-ZH_RlIw (English, 3 minutes)
https://vimeo.com/126100467 (English, German, 4 minutes)

27. August - 1. September 2019


with zen master

Niklaus Brantschen SJ

True RELAXATION starts when we get to completely leave behind our work, our everyday activities. If you don’t know how to REST, how to do nothing, you will not be capable of a proper meditation practice or to efficiently work either.
In our achievement-oriented and overstressed world the Posticum Centre is inviting us to a different kind of retreat at the end of the summer: HOLIDAYS with Niklaus Brantschen, jesuit father and zen master, who this time will not put emphasis on teaching us how to meditate but on how to REST, PLAY and RECHARGE ourselves. We’ll reverse the order: we will start with the relaxation and not with the meditation.
Escursion and swimming, morning qi-gong and jogging, sightseeing and concert, family programmes and freeflow discussions, group mealtimes, teatimes and some wine, movies and boardgames – AND meditation.
We will have the chance to take a CLOSE LOOK into the master’s mind and way of life and thus we might get a deeper experience and understanding of how it is when spirituality and meditation infuses & changes our everyday lives. We will re-learn to JUST BE, for the sake of being – together with the master.
If your spouse or partner is new to the world of meditation or you’d like your kids to have an experience of being in the aura of a genuine master in REAL LIFELIKE SITUATIONS, this camp will be the perfect opportunity for you to take that first step.
We invite families, couples and singles alike. Expect a multilanguaged and colorful camp community.
This camp is the first of a programme-series called TOGETHER WITH MASTERS designed by and in the Posticum Centre, Oradea.
Particiaption fee with accommodation and meals:
700 RON / respective 48 000 Ft / 240 euro
+40 259 431 398
+40 744 504 051
Responsible for the program:
Dr. Nemes István
tel. 0733843049,
e-mail: istvannemes@yahoo.com
Rencsik Imre
Telefon (pl.(004) 0755 107 691)